Saturday, February 19, 2011

You Know You're an Artist If...

Facebook has an incredible network of talented and fun-loving artists. This was part of a post that we all threw together for our - and now your - enjoyment!

You know you're an artist if

  • if you can't balance a checkbook
  • if you think of jury duty and blood donation as Plan B revenue streams
  • if you wonder about the possibility of painting over the food stains on your clothing that refuse to come out
  • if you consider everything like showers and shopping extremely annoying because it keeps you from your easel
  • if you get more excited about Bernini than Gucchi
  • if you buy wine because you want to use the bottle for a still life - or that's just the excuse you use to buy wine
  • if you can spell Bernini better than you can spell Gucci
  • if all of your clothing has a dab of some errant color on it
  • if you need a bumper sticker that says, 'Warning: Makes sudden stops for scenery and sunsets"
  • if the phrase "It looks JUST like a photograph!" sounds like fingernails on a blackboard to you
  • if you know 101 ways to make Ramen noodles taste like real food
  • if you think nothing of lying on your belly in your best coat in damp gravel to see something from a better angle
  • if you fantasize about faking your death
  • if you get up at 3:30 in the morning to go swat your canvas
  • if you often lose track in a conversation because you are studying the value patterns in the person's face or wondering which colors to mix to duplicate that exact shade
  • if you have two kinds of pants...the ones with paint on them...and the ones that's gonna get paint on them
  • if you know what Alizarin Crimson is and that it has a lightfastness rating of III
  • if you'd rather spend discretionary money on good tools and materials than anything else you can think of
  • if all interests you....the sounds,shapes,colors.Kaleidoscopic is your world
  • if the fruit and vegges you plan to paint are old and have think that's beautiful and gives them personality
  • if you look at everything with the eye for line and colour and find your hand itching for a pencil or paint brush
  • if staying up all night to finish a painting or drawing gives you a bigger high than any drug
  • if you do not correct your vision - it might spoil the view
  • if you can spend hours outdoors standing alone in one spot looking at one thing . . . and love every minute of it
  • if your fingernails have dirt under them, only it's red and blue
  • if you find yourself snapping pictures as you drive because the light hitting that tree is just perfect
  • if you find yourself drawing in the air the shape of the face of the person you are talking to, without even being conscious of doing it
  • if when you are not painting you are thinking about what you will be painting next
  • if your idea of a great time is standing in the snow at minus 10 degrees for several hours in order to capture a scene
  • if the doc says there's no hope for a transfusion because your blood type is two-thirds Windsor Newton and one third Old Holland
  • if you can never remember anyone's name, but you can recognize almost everyone you've ever met
  • if you start visualizing subject matter while you're driving on the expressway
  • if you get so focused that you dip your paintbrush in your coffee tea or beverage, instead of the medium
  • if you thought everyone understood the concept of 'fat over lean'
  • if you stare up at a broad expanse of sky at sunset and you nearly faint with admiration over the colors on the clouds
  • if you are spotted measuring doorways/vehicles to see if that canvas will fit through it/in it
  • if you have to be physically restrained when someone calls your set of Sennelier Pastels, "chalk"
  • if when you tell someone what you do and they say, "no really..."
  • if you have a show coming up and your nice frame budget is gone so you go to a "craft/hobby" store and try and find the least offensive, synthetic framed print
  • if when your activities in gathering 'visual information' for figurative work at the local bus stop, park, train station, and coffee shop link you to rumors of a stalker in town
  • if the only thing that breaks your concentration after 13 hours of painting is the change of lighting as the sun goes down
  • if you spend more than a half hour in the produce section at the grocery store looking for the perfect melon . . . not for taste . . . but for aesthetic interest
  • if you wear a Halloween mask on the back of your head in the middle of a field while you're painting so that cougars avoid attacking you from behind
  • if you keep your eyes open on garbage day for a frame that some foolish person who didn't know the value of things left along the roadside


  1. I love these... thought I was the only one who thought this way!

  2. If you use your makeup brushes for paint brushes and your paint brushes for makeup brushes.